Annual Meetings

In addition to normal council meetings which are called by the Clerk, there is also an Annual Parish Meeting which is called by the Chairman and takes place in April or May.

This meeting allows the Chairman to present to the parish residents his/her report on council business for the year & invites representatives from other bodies to address the residents on their own activities.

The Annual Parish Council Meeting takes place in May and in an election year is the first meeting of the new council. In an election year all new members sign the declaration of acceptance which is followed by the election of the chair, vice-chair, responsible financial officer, internal auditor, committee members and those councillors who will represent the council on outside bodies.



The Parish Council meets on the second Thursday of the month in the Parish Rooms where meetings commence at 8pm unless otherwise stated on the agenda.

Members of the public are always welcome and there is a session at the beginning of the meeting where questions can be asked and statements made. We look forward to seeing you.

Meetings 2016
January 12th Read / Print Read / Print
February 9th Read / Print Read / Print
March 9th Read / Print Read / Print
April 6th Read / Print Read / Print
April 27th - Annual Parish Meeting Read / Print Read / Print
May 11th - Annual Parish Council Meeting Read / Print Read / Print
May 11th - Ordinary Meeting Read / Print Read / Print
June 8th Read / Print Read / Print
July 13th Read / Print Read / Print
August 14th (Mon) - Extra Meeting Read / Print Read / Print
September 7th Read / Print Read / Print
October 12th Read / Print  
November 9th - Budget Review Meeting    
December 14th - Setting the Precept    

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