If you are seeing this page you are not subscribed to our MemberZone Service.


MemberZone allow clerks to safely and securely deliver all types of documents to members without needing to send them as email attachments and run the risk of them going astray or never arriving.


At the end of the day, having gathered all the documents together in a folder on the parish computers desktop, the clerk logs in to MemberZone and uploads all the documents at the same time.


When documents are received by MemberZone a single email is sent to each member registered on the system with a link to each of the documents.


Members then have the opportunity to read the titles of the documents, preview the documents and if required, download the documents to their own computer.


There are several stages of security which, for obvious reasons, will not be explained, but these measures have been put in place in order to safeguard the sensitivity of the councils business.

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