Annual Reports

As a Foundation Member of the Local Council Award Scheme we are required to publish an Annual Report each year and circulate it to every house and business premise in the Parish.


These reports offer a unique insight into what was happening in the Parish at the time.

Devolved Services Report


PublicationsThe Freedom of Information Act (Model Publication Scheme 2008) requires councils to maintain an inventory of all the information that it holds and make this information available through its website.

There is no definative list of documents because every parish differs in the services that it provides but there are some standard documents which govern the conduct of the council including:


Allotment Tenancy Agreement

Anonymous Correspondence Policy

Bullying and Harassment Policy

Burial Ground Rules, Regulations and Fees

Child Protection Policy

Code Of Conduct

Community Engagement Policy

Complaints Procedure

Data Protection Policy

Document Retention Policy

Email Policy

Equality and Diversity Policy

Freedom of Information Act Inventory

Financial Regulations

Grants and Donations Policy

Grievance Policy

Health and Safety Policy

HS2 Petition

HS2 Evidence for Select Committee

Information Secuirity Policy

Insurance Cover (Employers and Public)

LGPS Discretionary Policy

Media Policy

Notice of Interment Form

Parish Plan Results 2011

Parish Plan Results 2013/14

Parish Plan Proposals 2013/14

Pedestal Playing Field Inspection Report

Play Policy

Privacy Policies - Contact, Allotment, Burial Ground.

Risk Assesment

Risk Assesment Schedule

Risk Assessments - Health & Safety

Risk / Benefit Scheme Pedestal Playground

Scheme of Delegation - Covid-19

Social Media Policy

Standing Orders

Traffic Calming Report

Training Policy

Temporary Signage Application Form


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